Top Ten iPhone Apps for Weight Loss and Exercise

Introduced Galaxy Nexus – the simple, elegant, intelligent and now in addition to Android4.0

Even if you do not make a resolution to lose weight this year, you may have some fitness goals you want to achieve in the new year. To help, we’ve put a list of the top 10 free iPhone app to help you lose weight and get into shape.

From calorie tracking fitness program, you may find that you can want to manage your diet, weight and fitness goals quite a lot of things – the most important thing is that they are free. Now you have no excuse. Download an application, these or more away. Here’s to place motives in 2009!

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Must have iPhone apps authors and writers

Again, my colleague wrote a blog post provides my blog :)

For your technical staff, where this article is for you!

As a modern writer, you, you write the best places lessons. Few, I’m sure, does inspiration strike, when you are in front of your computer, at 9:00 am seated at your desk. More likely is that you get when you go out of inspiration. In order to effectively capture and save every new idea, details, the story line, and so on, you need some new application is downloaded to your iPhone. The following list will help you research, brainstorm, write, or even whether you’re at home, your work published, in the office, or in the middle of their daily errands. Check the time.

Wikipanion brought a cell phone directory website Wikipedia applications. It is very useful for quick research trip.

Evernote sync to your desktop computer or tablet. Thus, if you are doing to add or edit your work in your phone, you can from the latest version of your work, you will not lose any new ideas.

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The iPhone application to a generic application

Well, NDA finally lifted, so we can start talking about the iPhone SDK 3.2 and iPad. Logical starting point seems to be how to convert existing applications into “general application” is both locally on the iPad and iPhone / iPod touch running. Now, there are a lot of you may have had to figure out this thing, so you can get the updated application store today, but for those who did not go the route of early adopters, let us take a few minutes to look at the process. It is very simple, but there are some pitfalls.

Note: There are some additional things you should know, this update also addresses before your reading this article.

For all devices

The first thing you must do is determine to build your existing application as a generic application. In this article, Xcode project OpenGL ES particle generator applications I use, but I will try to keep the information in general. NOTE: The following procedure is not required if you use Xcode project objectives for the iPad update options here it comes. Continue reading

My first gaming mouse: Logitech G300

I bought one yesterday Logitech Gaming Mouse G300, where my initial thoughts.

What is a gaming mouse?
There are many classified as gaming mouse available devices, but it seems that some of the features in common:

1. wired, rather than wireless: Wireless wired connection, although some high-end models only better and faster than wireless gaming mouse stick so most wired. As a bonus mouse wired mouse does not require batteries so mild.

2. The high response rate: 1 to 2ms response time make the mouse immediately respond to input.

2. High DPI. From 2000 DPI Gaming Mouse over the same boast high DPI figures. This makes the device very responsive to the smallest movement. Continue reading